The Strategic Impact of Gratitude: Insights from Harvard Business Review and Brene Brown

In the dynamic landscape of interpersonal relationships and professional interactions, expressing gratitude emerges not just as a social nicety but as a strategic tool. This blog explores the profound influence of gratitude in getting people to do what you want, supported by insights from the Harvard Business Review and the renowned research of Brene Brown.



The Harvard Business Review on the Science of Gratitude:

Harvard Business Review delves into the science of gratitude, shedding light on its transformative power in influencing others. Gratitude, it suggests, is more than a mere courtesy; it’s a calculated approach to fostering positive connections and achieving desired outcomes.

Brene Brown’s Study on Relationships:

Brene Brown, a leading researcher on vulnerability and connection, has conducted extensive studies on the dynamics of relationships. Her research highlights the pivotal role of expressing gratitude for the actions of others. By openly acknowledging and appreciating their contributions, we set the stage for a positive cycle of collaboration.



The Art of Saying Thank You:

At its core, saying “thank you” is a nuanced skill that goes beyond mere politeness. It acts as a catalyst for building trust, strengthening connections, and inspiring others to willingly contribute. Brown’s research aligns with the idea that expressing gratitude is not just about acknowledging the past but creating a positive foundation for future interactions.



Practical Applications in Daily Interactions:

Incorporating the science of gratitude into your daily interactions can yield remarkable results. Whether in professional settings or personal relationships, taking a moment to express genuine thanks creates a positive loop that encourages others to go above and beyond.



As we navigate the complexities of human interactions, the strategic deployment of gratitude emerges as a powerful tool. Backed by the insights from Harvard Business Review and Brene Brown’s studies on relationships, expressing gratitude goes beyond a social norm – it becomes a deliberate and effective strategy for positive influence.

So, the next time you find yourself wanting to influence others or strengthen a connection, consider the simple yet profound act of saying “thank you.” It’s not just good manners; it’s a strategic move towards building meaningful and collaborative relationships.


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Here’s to a future filled with intentional gratitude and the positive influence it brings.

– The Viking


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