Guys and Glutes

Guys, you need glutes too.

This is more than a post to show my butt. Which hey, it’s a nice butt.

It’s all the rage to show chicks doing booty workouts.

But if you look closely there’s some guy in a cut off the tank and backward hat, creepily staring while vaguely swinging around some bicep curls.

You all know who I’m talking about.

Well, I’m here to say. Bros, we gotta work that booty and let me tell you why.

First, you’re not gonna be putting on any weight with tricep extensions.

I’m 220 lbs and that’s only because my lower half is strong. Wink wink… ????

You’re strength, deep strength, on squat, deadlift, bench, overhead press, all comes from your hips.

You need to have a powerful hip drive and stability. That will allow you to control big heavyweight.

The squat is not a quad workout. It’s a full-body workout.

And don’t be scared to do hip thrusts. You may look like your practicing for a porn shoot but the shit works. Go heavy and jump hard!

Ok seriously though, secondly if you want abs, consistently, you have to do lower body movements, with intensity.

Squeeze them butt cheeks at the top of every squat and deadlift.

Drive with your hips on major movements. That will add a lot more muscle to your frame. Allowing you to stay leaner all year round.

So if you want a ripped six-pack, stop doing crunches and start deadlifting with proper form!

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